Secret Friends of Ringo

Secret Friends of Ringo

There is nothing as cool as a secret society.

Didn’t you always want to belong to one?
A group of creative, like-minded individuals coming together to work toward a common goal—a hidden agenda, if you will.

Smitty coined the phrase. Though I had discussed the idea with close friends from time to time, Smitty was my first real co-conspirator. We talked about how this needed to be kept on the down-low, how everyone should be sworn to secrecy. He called us “The Secret Friends of Ringo”. He designed a logo that soon became a t-shirt that soon became a badge of honor. Having this shirt signifies that you are a member of our secret order and have completed your assigned pages.

Below are but some of our brothers and sisters in The Secret Friends of Ringo. They have generously contributed their time and their talents to make this project possible. I cannot thank you all enough.

The Secret Friends of Ringo t-shirts provided by a grant from The Nick Cardy Memorial Fund.