Leonel Castellani

Leonel Castellani

Leonel Castellani started his career on the early nineties working in comics as background assistant, colorist and penciler for companies such as Warner Bros./DC, Disney, Scholastic, Egmont and Planeta from a license studio on his home city of La Plata, in Argentina.

After opening his own studio in 2001, he started drawing David & Goliath, an all ages comic miniseries published by Image Comics, while continuing his work on animation and illustration for children`s books. Designed and illustrated several superhero and all ages adventure books for Alias comics, and collaborated with some editorial projects for Cartoon Network with characters such as Ben 10, Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry.

Later moved to Marvel Comics to draw and color some of their online comic strips, and the Super Hero Squad comic series, based on the popular video game and Tv show.

Worked as artist for Marvel animation studios and parallel to that, drew the comics of the Disney Afternoon Licenses, Chip & Dale Rescue Ranger and Duck Tales. He works as conceptual designer and storyboard artist, and illustrates several Lego licenses including Marvel Lego, and Nexus Knights.

He’s currently part of Table Taffy Studios, as the artist of a variety of all ages comic titles and activity books including Shadow Pirates, Bastion’s 7, Little Big Heads and Mohnstur Watch