Neil Vokes

Neil Vokes

Well…I’ve been telling stories in comic books professionally now for just over 33 years – In 1984 I was assigned the Japanese cartoon based Robotech series for Comico Comics -This led to my co-creating EAGLE, which my partner, Rich Rankin and I self-published for several years through Crystal Comics (our own label).

As time went on I was lucky to have gotten work in the mainstream books,including: SUPERMAN ADVENTURES; TARZAN THE WARRIOR; UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN: STRANGE ENCOUNTERS; TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES; JONNY DEMON; TEENAGENTS; CONGORILLA; NINJAK; PARLIAMENT OF JUSTICE; THE BLACK FOREST 1 & 2 (Bob Tinnell, Todd Livingston and I won Rondo Awards for both volumes); THE WICKED WEST 1 & 2; FLESH & BLOOD (Bob and I won a “Ghastly Award” for Best Original Graphic Novel) and DR. STRANGE: FROM THE MARVEL VAULT #1 – I’ve left quite a few out due to space and humility…well,OK…just space.

I also did chapter illustrations for two film books: IN ALL SINCERITY, PETER CUSHING by Chris Gullo and VINCENT PRICE: THE ART OF FEAR by Denis Meikle.

I’ve recently finished new EAGLE and DEATH’S DARK ANGEL books,along with DARK TALES FROM THE VOKESVERSE (among others) with writer Jack Herman, through the American Mythology company.

That’s All, Vokes