Todd Dezago

Todd Dezago

Todd Dezago is a writer, known primarily for his work in comics.

His 20+ year career includes credits on Impulse, JLA: World Without Grown-Ups, Young Justice, and Batman: Black and White for DC Comics, X-Men, X-Factor, and Super Hero Squad for Marvel. Though, mostly, he is known for writing Spider-Man. He has written a LOT of Spider-Man. And is one of the writers who tailored the now-classic CLONE SAGA.

In ’96, Todd was fortunate enough to be paired with artist Mike Wieringo, whose animated style infused their stories with a fun vibrancy as the two chronicled Spidey’s adventures in the pages of Sensational Spider-Man. Becoming fast friends, Todd and Mike went on to create the highly-celebrated, high-adventure, fantasy TELLOS, which was translated into more than six different languages and remains on many of today’s lists of must-read graphic novels.

Todd currently focuses his time on The Perhapanauts, the paranormal, cryptid-filled adventure comic he co-created with artist and pal, Craig Rousseau—although this project did cut into that a bit…Todd lives in upstate New York with his girlfriend, Sharon, and a cat.

Obviously, this is for Mike.