Tellos Art Gallery

Tellos Fan Art Gallery

AHOY and Welcome to our all-new TELLOS FAN ART Gallery!

As we’ve said, the artwork for both our books is already finished. While we appreciate your many generous offers to donate your time and talent to the project, there simply isn’t any more to do.


With so many of you expressing your interest and desire to contribute to our tribute, we wanted to make sure that you could still be a part of things with the TELLOS FAN ART GALLERY!

Help us celebrate Mike and Tellos with YOUR Tribute—we can’t wait to see what you do!

The Latest Submissions

Jeremy Dale


Jeremy Dale

One of the very first people I signed up for the Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute was our pal, JEREMY DALE, who had gifted Mike and I with several beautiful Tellos pin-ups over the years in his enthusiasm for the book. Jermey even cited Tellos as inspiration for his own wonderful fantasy series, SKYWARD. Like Mike, always pleasant and positive, Jeremy was thrilled to be able to be a part of our Jam.

Sadly, before we could even get started, we lost Jeremy as well. I like to think that he is still a part of this.

Emily Drouin

Vassilis Gogtzilas

Craig Rousseau

Christie Majors

Javier Buros

Charlie Adlard

Alex Hoey

Evan Doc Shaner

Gabriel Hardman


Francis Miltiadou

Tomás M. Aranda

Just say I knew Mike and Todd in an angouleme comicon and was a dream come true. They are so friendly with me in my beginnings in the comic field and Mike gave me so many values thoughts and had time to saw my work and could do this pinup Tellos for the french edition thru Semic and thanks to Thierry Mornet. Love the characters and the authors 🙂