previews and stories

previews and stories
March 1, 2017 Todd Dezago

March 1, 2017

AHOY and Welcome~

As promised we will be using this space to preview and highlight some of the wonderful artwork that a the members of our not-so-little secret society have so generously contributed for our epic tale. Our selections have been carefully…er, selected so as not to give away any pertinent story points. Which means, in a few cases, that some Artists won’t be able to be highlighted at all. Sorry. We don’t wanna spoil any of the plot twists or reveals, right…?

One case where that’s not the case is with Rich Case. Mike’s former studio mate and Inker on our Sensational Spider-Man run, Rich was quick to claim the pages that introduce one of our new characters, GWYNNA, a young girl with dreams of adventure who crosses paths with our heroes in a decidedly different way. Rich brought not only Gwynna and her Family to life, but gave definition to her home land of Somers’haven.

Also, here are some warm-up sketches by Paul Smith. We’re mostly posting this — well…first ‘cause they’re cool — but also to give you this link to Smitty’s website where he relates the origins of our now-iconic “Secret Friends of Ringo” t-shirts. You wanted stories—we’ll give you stories!
Check it out!‘ringo
See you soon~
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