AHOY and Welcome to the MIKE WIERINGO TELLOS Tribute

AHOY and Welcome to the MIKE WIERINGO TELLOS Tribute
February 17, 2017 jessica

We appreciate your clicking on us and checking the Project out. If you’ve scoped around the site a bit, you already know that this website is to support a massive, 400 plus page graphic novel created in the memory of comics artist Mike Wieringo, with all proceeds to be donated to the ASPCA in Mike’s name. Three years in the making and presented in two hefty volumes, our saga boasts over 200 of the industry’s most talented artists, from impressive up-and-comers to today’s fan-favorites to some that have achieved legendary status.

There are lots of cool pages on the site, but THIS is where, in the weeks and months to come, you can tune in for announcements, updates, anecdotes and previews.

One point we feel we need to make very clear about this project;

The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute are two VERY EXCLUSIVE books.
They will NOT be available in any stores.
We have neither the finances nor the space to warehouse cases of these books — what you order is what will be printed and no more.

So, please order before the cut-off dates to insure you get yours.
After that, there will be no more.

That was a bit heavy, I know.
To close on a high note, here is a nearly complete list of all the wonderfully talented, generous Artists who contributed to this mammoth project.

By Thy Side

Book One: Fallen Friends
Featuring artwork by these talented Artists;

Craig Rousseau
Rich Case
Gregory Wright
Andy Smith
Andie Tong
J. Bone
Gordon Purcell
Mark McKenna
Leonel Castellani
Todd Nauck
Jamar Nicholas
James Offredi
Neil Vokes
Brandon Peterson
Bret Blevins
Terry Austin
Rich Ellis
Joe Rubenstein
Tom Orzechowski
Ryan Browne
Andrew Pepoy
Nate Lovett
Mark Wheatley
Laura Truxillo
Casey Jones
Terry Dodson
Rachel Dodson

Dave Sharpe
Shawn McManus
Martin Egeland
Howard M. Shum
Alex Sinclair
Jon Bogdanove
Bobby Timony
Leanne Hannah
Rod Hannah
Charles Paul Wilson III
Ramona Fradon
Karl Story
Andrew Robinson
Matt Wieringo
Christian D. Leaf
Tom Zahler
Dee Fish
Ed Dukeshire
Rob Stull
Dave Tata
Derek Fridolfs
Mike Thomas
Jerome Gagnon
Danielle Ellison
Chuck Wojtkiewicz
Raphael Albuquerque
Joe Staton

Matt Webb
Nicky Soh
Andrew Cieslinski
Jim Amash
Jeff Parker
Jason Browne
Mark Bagley
Andrew Hennessy
Paul Smith
Ian Sokoliwski
Clara Meath
Lauren Gramprey
Chris Kemple
Bart Sears
Dave Bardin
Tone Rodriguez
Al Milgrom
Jason Levine
Chris Campana
Jack Purcell
Denny Fincke
Jack Lawrence
Jerry Ordway
Drew Moss
Jeff Johnson
John Livesay

Stan Sakai
J.M. Dragunas
Rod Whigham
Marc Hodge
Denis Medri
Bruno Bessadi
Val Staples
Billy Martin
Dean Beattie
Marcelo Di Chiara
Sean Tiffany
Mark Buckingham
Kyle Latino
Joe Frontirre
and many more~!

Book Two: By Thy Side
Featuring artwork by these talented Artists;

Karl Kesel
Tom Raney
John Burgin
Gus Vasquez
Christian D. Leaf
June Brigman
Kurt Wood
Jim Terry
Paul Smith
Erik Donovan
Bryan L. Mon
Tracy Yardley
Dwayne Biddix
Rich Woodall
Dana Black
Steve Epting
Mike Maihack
Lousie Simonson
Walter Simonson
Wilson Ramos
Lovern Kindzierski
Jim Calafiore
Tom Bancroft
Jamie Jones
Terry Austin

Jon Roscetti
Matt Roscetti
Carlo Barberi
Mike Norton
Rico Renzi
Duncan Rouleau
Steve Dutro
Robb Mommaerts
Michael O’Hare
Tak Toyoshima
Sandy Jarrell
Laura Martin
Ariela Kristantina
Aluir Amancio
Jim Keplinger
Evan Dorkin
Charles Pritchett
Pedro Delgado
D. Forrest Fox
Keith Conroy
Kyler Clodfelter
Elvin Ching
J. Chris Campbell
Ed Smith

Ian Chase Nichols
Lora Innes
Kevin Kobasic
Tom McCraw
Fred Hembeck
Danielle Ellison
Laura Truxillo
Nathan Greno
J. Bone
Andy Genen
John Burgin
George Perez
Scott Hanna
Darwin Talon
Ryan Browne
Meg Syverud
Domo Stanton
Kelly Yates
Brandon Palas
Chris Sprouse
Karl Story
Ray-Anthony Height
Richard Goodwin
Todd Nauck

Art Baltazar
Rebekie Bennington
Dean Beattie
Mike Stock
Sunder Raj
Alex Ogle
Paolo Rivera
Vassilis Gogtzilas
Simone Arena
Armando Zanker
Joe Staton
Paul Mounts
Dave Bardin
Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Kyle T. Webster
Matt Wieringo
Craig Rousseau
and many more~!


  1. Flod 7 years ago

    What is the page count of the books?

    • Todd Dezago 7 years ago

      Each of the two volumes is 300 pages.

    • Oren 7 years ago

      I live in Israel and my first question is if I order the 2 books together will I have to wait for book 2 to come out and get them together or is the shipping cost I pay at checkout is for 2 shipments(for book 1 and later on for book 2 when each comes out)?
      Another question, how will this be packed for overseas shipping because in my country only well packed packages help the contents survive).
      Thank you 🙂 I loved Tellos and Mikes work and this looks like a great way to honer his memory.

      • Todd Dezago 7 years ago

        Hi, Oren, Your books will ship out separately, when each one is published. The books will be well-protected in their packaging, but, obviously, we are unable to guarantee that other parties ( in your country ) won’t manhandle it on the way.

  2. Gwangin 7 years ago

    Hello. I didn’t know where to ask this site. So here’s a question.
    I want to know about about overseas deliveries.
    I live in South Korea.
    But I think I can only buy books in USA.
    He is my favorite artist and I miss most
    I certainly want a book for Mike Wieringo.
    (Also, I would like to be right contribute.)
    The conclusion is, Can I ship this book overseas? Please..?
    I wait your response. Thank you.

    • Todd Dezago 7 years ago

      Hi, Gwangin, When you place your order and enter your address, the shipping fee will be calculated automatically so you can see what you would pay.

  3. CW 7 years ago

    What is the cut off date? I didn’t see it (might be I just missed it)

    • Author
      jessica 7 years ago

      Hey CW – the cut off date is listed on the individual book pages. Book I is April 10th 2017 and Book II is July 10th 2017. Hope that helps!

  4. Kya Ortega 7 years ago

    Hola, me llamo Erika Ortega, (Kya Ortega) Soy dibujante con en un estudio que formamos algunos amigos y yo desde hace ya muchos años, también soy una gran fan de Mike, siempre me gusto su estilo y seguía todos sus trabajos, cuando Salio Tellos me hice seguidora del comic, compre todos los números que salieron conocí a Todd Dezago como escritor y quede encantada con el resultado del comic.
    En 1999, la revista Wizard lanzo un concurso para diseñar un personaje para incluir en el comic de Tellos, emocionada envié mi personaje y para mi gran sorpresa y orgullo resulto ser el ganador, Wizard me envió varios premios en compensación a los que se habían prometido en la revista, ya que el proyecto se detuvo en ese entonces.
    Después de buscar contacto para saber si continuaría o no el proyecto, en un foro de discusion sobre Tellos, creo fue Todd quien amablemente me respondió que estaban en Stand by, que lo retomarían mas adelante y que tal vez pudieran incluir entonces mi personaje, poco después ocurrió el terrible fallecimiento de Mike, fue una noticia muy triste para el mundo del comic un artista tan talentoso y joven que aun tenia mucho potencial.
    Hace unos pocos años me hice una de tantas amigas fans de Todd por facebook, y sigo todas las noticias acerca de el Tellos y Mike y mis amigos conociéndome me enviaron esta liga, con la que estoy encantada.
    Les anexo ligas de el personaje que diseñe para el concurso, lo coloree para que tuviese mas presentación, ojala pudieran incluirlo en su galería como mi homenaje a Mike, ya que estoy muy orgullosa de que siendo yo su fan le gustara mi trazo como para su comic.

    Gracias genial dia


  5. Daniel DeAngelo 7 years ago

    I Just heard about this on Facebook. I suppose it’s too late to get in on this? I worked with Mike on CAPTAIN AWARENESS, a comic book to promote awareness of sexual assault that I self-published and wrote & drew. He provided a pin-up for the book, which he allowed me to ink. I’d love to be able to return the favor by inking something in one of the books if possible. If not, I will certainly support them any way possible. Thank you.

    • Todd Dezago 7 years ago

      Thank you for your interest and offer, Daniel. Though some of the final art for Book Two is still coming in, we are finished with most of the story; there aren’t any more pages left to be assigned. Thank you again for your kind offer.

  6. Rich Clabaugh 7 years ago

    I’d love to volunteer some art for VOL 3 if you need it!

    • Todd Dezago 7 years ago

      Ha~! Thanks, Rich–Never say never. But let’s get Books One and Two out before anyone starts throwing “Volume 3” around…

  7. Oren 7 years ago

    Sorry for the first massage. I unintentionally posted it in the wrong place…
    I live in Israel and my first question is if I order the 2 books together will I have to wait for book 2 to come out and get them together or is the shipping cost I pay at checkout is for 2 shipments(for book 1 and later on for book 2 when each comes out)?
    Another question, how will this be packed for overseas shipping because in my country only well packed packages help the contents survive).
    Thank you 🙂 I loved Tellos and Mikes work and this looks like a great way to honer his memory.

  8. Cor 7 years ago

    I’m having difficulty ordering these-
    I can add both to my cart, but I receive no option to checkout-any assistance would be appreciated as I want to order both of these wonderful volumes

    • Nehrujack 7 years ago

      Me too!

      • Author
        jessica 7 years ago

        Hi guys! do you see the cart icon in the top right corner? If you hover over it – you should see two buttons: Cart and Checkout. Please let me know if you don’t see this? The workaround would be to go to: https://mikewieringotellostribute.com/cart/ after adding your books! Please also let me know (if you can) what browser you are using so I can investigate!

  9. Josh 7 years ago

    Do these books include the original graphic novel on top of the new original art?

    • Todd Dezago 7 years ago

      No, Josh~
      These two Volumes feature an all new, full-length, 500 page graphic novel continuing the adventures of the characters from the original Tellos series.

  10. Joy 7 years ago

    how long does it usually take to be delivered?

    • Todd Dezago 7 years ago

      Hi, Joy~!
      Book One: Fallen Friends will be published the first week of June 2017 and you can look for your copy to arrive a week to ten days following.
      Book Two is scheduled for the first week in September with the same week to ten days delivery.

  11. Marcus Mebes 7 years ago

    Hi Todd and crew. I just ordered both books, and I see that I’m too late to contribute. My name is Marcus, and I’m a published author, artist, editor and photographer. If there is indeed a book 3, I would very much like to contribute. Meanwhile, though, I’d like to thank you for putting this project out. I know it will be quality, and a spot is waiting in my library for these two volumes.

    Marcus Mebes

    • Todd Dezago 7 years ago

      Thank you for your kind offer, Marcus.
      As we’ve said, both volumes are pretty much done at this point.
      Thank you for your interest and generosity.

  12. Nehrujack 7 years ago

    How do I sign up? I’ve been trying for a week now and I can’t log in or sign in. Any help would be most appreciated.

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