Some New News!

Some New News!
February 23, 2017 Todd Dezago

February 23, 2017

AHOY and Welcome~

Tomorrow will be a week since we announced the Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute and, since then, we have been flooded with your orders —-
thank you very much for your orders — and emails. While we thought we had covered just about everything we could here on the website, here are the answers to a few of your frequently asked questions.
Q — Is this book a collection of pin-ups? Is it a series of individual short stories?

A — No and no. The 2 volumes feature one long continuous tale. And, while there are several single and double-page Splash pages, there are no pin-ups in these books. Everything is sequential, everything is devoted to our story.

Q — Will I be able to order these later through Amazon?

A — No. These books will only be offered here on this website. Our ordering cut-off dates are April 10, 2017 for Book One and July 10, 2017 for Book Two. We will not have these for sale after those dates. We do not have the finances or the warehouse space to keep these books in stock. If you intend to buy them, please order now.

Q — How do I know which volume my favorite Artist is featured in?

A — A complete list of Credits for each book can be found on our “Get the Books” page ( see link above )

Q — I live in another country. How do I know what the added shipping costs will be?

A — When you place your order and are checking out, the program will automatically calculate your shipping fees and let you know before you commit.

Q — I wish I had heard about this. I would have loved to contribute. ( not really a question, but… )

A — One of the downsides of keeping our project secret was that it limited the amount of people who could participate. Initially, we reached out to friends and colleagues of Mike’s to join in and they would recommend two friends and they would recommend two friends and the credits and the page count continued to grow. Eventually, we needed to close the doors, but we thank you for your interest and your generous offers.

Stop by for more tomorrow~
By Thy Side~

Detail: Rikk and Peatoot by Dee Fish


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