Our Villain Revealed~!

Our Villain Revealed~!
March 10, 2017 Todd Dezago

March 10, 2017

AHOY and Welcome~

One of the questions that we’ve been asked several times is if this huge, 500 page, two volume set includes the original Tellos saga?

That would be a big NO.

Though one or two of the online news articles reported that this project was a reprint of that material, this Tribute is ALL NEW.

If you are looking for the original Tellos saga, the trade paperback —Tellos Colossal vol.1 — is still available on Amazon or, better yet, ask your local comic shop to order a copy for you.
Today’s sneak Preview features this chapter’s main villain—

—the Dread SUR-AZAL!
by Neil Vokes~

Leader of our Dark Cabal and instrumental in rallying the hideous denizens of the underworld known as Nether to action, Sur-Azal and his familiars have devised a plan to take back the surface worlds of Tellos from the ones that forced them underground. He and his others will stop at nothing to see the lands above returned to the primordial swamps and forests in which they dwelled.




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