A Loving Review from Warren Newsom

A Loving Review from Warren Newsom
January 8, 2018 Todd Dezago

Hi, Todd. I just wanted to let you know that I have finished reading both Fallen Friends and By Thy Side. I had flipped through them and looked at the art, but until this week I never found time to sit down and read them through, one after the other. Now that I have, I just want to say that you have produced one of the most beautiful, poignant stories I have ever read.

 Themes of love, camaraderie, longing, and loss permeate the tale, making it at times joyous and raucous, and at other times bittersweet. Having lost loved ones in my life – and having come close to leaving my loved ones – I could feel how much of yourself you poured into this project.

So many twists and turns kept me hooked and I often found myself turning back to previous chapters where the seeds of current events in the story were planted. I also found myself looking at the credits pages to see whose amazing artwork I’m looking at.

 Always, I could feel Mike’s influence and I could feel the love and respect all of the creators had for him.

 I’m not a very religious person, but somewhere, I really do believe there is that room where we can go and look out on the world, look in on our friends and families; a room where we have what we need, what we want; where we have health and perspective and happiness; a room where someday we will meet with those who are waiting there for us.

 Thank you for this gift you have given us. I’m sure that Mike is proud.


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