Finding Tellos Colossal vol. 1…

Finding Tellos Colossal vol. 1…
April 3, 2017 Todd Dezago

April 3, 2017

AHOY and Welcome~

Weeks back we were asked the question; “Will the Mike Wieringo Tellos tribute include all previous Tellos material?”

…and the answer is, no.

The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute is 500 pages of an all-new, epic length original Tellos story broken up into two massive volumes. Written by tells co-creator, Todd Dezago, this project features the artwork of over 200 Artists. Though a continuation of the original Tellos story, you don’t need to have read any of the previous material to enjoy this.

The follow up question was, “Where can I get the original Tellos saga?”
While we encourage you to try ordering them from your local comic shop, should that not be an option, you can find and order Tellos Colossal vol. 1 as a trade paperback at;

Today’s Previews feature glimpses into the following Chapters;

The Resistance—by J. BONE, colors by RICO RENZI




Dark Reckoning—by CHARLES PAUL WILSON III, colors by MIKE DE VITO

A Shack in the Woods—by MAURICET, colors by BENNY FUENTES


More to come~

By Thy Side~


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    My goodness, these are gorgeous!

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