Book Two: BY THY SIDE~

Book Two: BY THY SIDE~
March 24, 2017 Todd Dezago

March 24, 2017

AHOY and Welcome~


The final cover to BOOK TWO of our 2 volume Tribute~!

With pencils by MIKE WIERINGO, of course,
Inked by ROB STULL and Colors by PAUL MOUNTS,
these two covers were a reuniting of the original Tellos team
from back in the day.

Behind the scenes, the covers were designed by our pal, CRAIG ROUSSEAU.
Craig created the Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute logo ( built around the original Tellos logo by Paul Mounts ), and created the font to do it! This is also the font for the titles; Fallen Friends and By Thy Side.

Craig also had to work a little Photoshop magic to create the pieces that became our covers. Working from several of Mike’s old sketches, Craig morphed them together to make them ready for Rob to ink.

Thanks again, Craig, for the beautiful job!

Stop back here tomorrow for more previews, Friends—
—and have a terrific weekend!

By Thy Side~



  1. Eric Henson 7 years ago

    Great job on the cover guys! Nice work by Craig to morph the images together. It looks like it was originally drawn as a group shot!

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