• Chuck (chukw) Wojtkiewicz

    - by jessica

    Chuck (chukw) Wojtkiewicz drew for numerous comics companies starting in the early 1980s. Notable titles include Justice League America, Legion…

  • Val Staples

    Val Staples

    - by jessica

    At this point in time, Val Staples has been kicking it around comics for almost two decades. A studio coordinator,…

  • Danielle Ellison

    Danielle Ellison

    - by jessica

    Danielle Ellison is a public servant/freelance illustrator currently hiding in plain sight around Upstate New York’s Capitol Region. When she’s…

  • Gina

    Gina Trujillo

    - by jessica

    Gina Trujillo is a writer, artist, and all around geek. She is a co-founder of Bobble Kitty Comics alongside Sonya…

  • Steve Downer.

    Steve Downer

    - by jessica

    Steve Downer is an artist, storyteller and native Montanan. He has worked as a freelance artist with clients including DC…

  • Carlo Barberi

    - by jessica

    His first break came after a trip to the San Diego ComiCon in 1996 where he came in contact with…

  • Todd Klein

    - by jessica

    Todd Klein has been lettering comics since 1977. He has been presented with 16 Eisner Awards for Best Lettering, as…

  • Chris Sprouse

    - by jessica

    Chris Sprouse in a career spanning nearly three decades in the comics industry, Chris Sprouse has drawn everything from Batman…

  • Kate Carleton

    - by jessica

    Kate Carleton has done coloring / flat work for Katie Cook on My Little Pony and Gronk , flats for…

  • J.M. Dragunas

    - by jessica

    J.M. Dragunas is a self taught illustrator who currently lives near the frozen waters of Lake Erie. While he has…